Judy (I Can Hardly See Straight)

from by Tabulaaa



Turned water to wine that tastes like piss
Sometimes you don't know what love is
Okay, so you took the last beer in the fridge
Okay, I don't know how to deal with this
Whisked me away with a shot of whiskey
Darts thrown hard still hit or miss
Keyed car, broke vase the last time we got frisky
Something you said must have skipped me

I remember those days
From before were breathing the ethanol haze
And I was locked in your gaze
Like a lab rat on acid in a Belgian maze
And now your eyes are drained
Like rainwashed mobile windowpanes
Stuck on tracks here's the train
It'd look beautiful to me all the same

I think the most romantic way to describe that sort of diffuse light is
Tangible, like there's a part of it you can grasp
But there are some folks like me who can't see what it lights, I call them
Imbeciles, we can choke on our feet and laugh

some nights you wax me soft
some nights you are my throttle
i don't know what i've lost
before the magic bottle
i'd love to share our time
i'd love to have our daughters
but i can't be with you
unless i'm underwater

Tonight you got me falling off of this barstool
Between glasses sipping the eleven o'clock news
Like our time together was some trick so cruel
And this whole damn time you had me acting like a fool
Why can't you love me the way that I love you?

Oh, wait
You already do


from UNLOVABLE, released June 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Tabulaaa Burlington, Vermont

Tabulaaa is just me.

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