Undon't (בω)

from by Tabulaaa



allow me to reintroduce myself, reduce myself, to start one more time
i practiced for such a long time, i didn't socialize in the cafeteria line
i can't tell if it's the abundance of dark matter or a matter of dark times crimean peninsula stitch you to a similar kindle but i'm really not that bad off

i'm just asad sack of shit who only spoke when somebody asked and a
bad bag of bricks won't end me before an athsma attack
bootstrapped brain by someone harmless as a hackey sackie
soft black stains as fated by being a trek-star trackie
and i grew up black and blue so i always respected those who smacked me
and impressed me with their nikes as i caressed the breeze like raggedy andy
and i was ass-down in the mud, master of none wondering why they couldn't
stand me. well now i realize it's 'cause i never took my chances

she say those who are useless are most likely to be used
so don't get that dro light and don't imbibe on that juice
she say those who go to waste most likely to get wasted
from my life her hypothesis don't need no updatin'
so i'm bleeding out my knuckles from pounding the pavement
and her honeysuckle words like killer bees in my face
and now
you got the power to find a way to bring yourself down, down

coulda stood intersecting that four-way, coulda put down a medical co-pay
coulda ankle-break strut cut-up heel to get closer than ever to that mustang
my stymied home strives for chrome and rides go-karts south down the northway
court order say i can't have that but i gotta do what i do hear stereo, wherefore
don that chromeo cap, tax form blast flow like legato stacks, easy mode
lay low at the old folks home scoring in bingo and 20 years old flat
and the morning after i dreamt that, new broke english syntax
W-9 W-2 double you over 'cause you better get your life back on track
even my suit jacket's too riffraff, even my daw skips tracks,
i donned that 9-to-5 hikikomori cap and now my mama's driving me back, i didn't think a
girl could be so cruel but there she was, driving my ass back to my old school
'cause now imma do something to me and get a neoliberal arts dee-gree
it's about as promisine an opening line as saying "hello, i'm a sanguine ENTP"
and all the would be bosses pushin me out their offices like "hee-hee"
employee opportunities don't wanna hear my weak shit no more 'cause now
they be speakin' a new language, and i'm still writing cuneiform

living in a world of hurt
show us what you're worth

guess i'm the only one left who can hit the lightsaleph null to beth omega discounting sanctified

she looks like you, and talks the way you did before
like archaic words that have no meaning anymore
transuranic verbs corrode the varnish on the floor
transneptunian thoughts cross the crumbling world


from UNLOVABLE, released June 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Tabulaaa Burlington, Vermont

Tabulaaa is just me.

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